Getting Started on

First, you need to setup a wallet to generate a Transparent Address to store your mined funds and to use as your username.
Once you have an address, validate it, and if it's valid - continue to setup compatible mining software.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Stratum servers:

EU Standard Server:

EU Nicehash HighDiff Server:

USA Standard Server:

USA Nicehash HighDiff Server:

ASIA Standard Server:

ASIA Nicehash HighDiff Server:

Compatible GPU Miner Software

  • Download one of these miners for your GPU:

It is recommended to set your virtual memory to at least 16GB

It is recommended to create a startup script to simplify mining.

  • Create a file named "start-btgpool.bat"
  • Open the newly created file with your favorite editor (Notepad, nano, vi, gedit)
  • Use the example script files below as a starting point.

Example Miner Configurations

These examples are with an example wallet address and example worker name both of these should be changed.

EWBF Example (start-btgpool.bat)

lolMiner (user_config.json)